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Welcome to the Catholic University College Of Ghana's electronic online application service. We are pleased that you are considering studies at CUCG.

We offer this service to make the process of applying for admission to our graduate and under-graduate programs as convenient and efficient as possible. All of the forms and instructions you will need are available to you here at our website.

Please note that our Admissions FAQs page contains answers to many questions that applicants have about the online application process. You may find it useful to keep the FAQs page open on your desktop as you complete your application.

You will be instructed to set up an account and password so that you can save and access your application at any time. 

To get started, please create an account and login.

NOTE: Please excercise great care in completing the Application Form since any errors might lead to the rejection of the application form.

Please note also that Students awaiting their results can also apply using this system.

Any incomplete form will not be processed

Processing fees paid on this platform is non refundable.


Application System Requirements
  • You will need a web browser that has Javascript activated.
  • Pop-up blockers should be disabled.
  • You must logout of the online application after each session.

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